Panorama Journal

It’s my privilege to serve the Association of Historians of American Art as Managing Editor of their academic journal, Panorama.  It is the first peer-reviewed electronic publication dedicated to American art and visual culture. 

Our fall 2018 issue marked a watershed moment for the journal, as we formally debuted a publishing partnership with University of Minnesota Libraries and launched a newly redesigned website, better able than ever to support the unique publishing needs of those working in the digital humanities. It was my pleasure to be part of the Panorama team that worked closely with UMN on this year-long transition.

Panorama appears twice a year and features scholarly articles, book and exhibition reviews, and three rather special features that make it a particularly valuable addition to the scholarly journals that are out there. “In the Round” has been designed to offer an array of scholarly voices, particularly suites of papers on a common theme that arise out of sessions or roundtables presented at conferences and symposia. The “Research Notes” section provides an opportunity for scholars to report on findings or discoveries that are not yet ready for a traditional 10,000 word essay; this section is also a particularly accessible one for emerging scholars.  And the “Bully Pulpit” is a rare opportunity for seasoned pundits—”academics, curators, critics, and other interpreters of American art and visual culture”—to respond in a polemical way to an urgent issue that affects the field.

For more about Panorama, please visit the journal’s About page—and please subscribe. It’s free!

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