The Arts in Nineteenth-century Portland

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Portland Sketch Book

That’d be Portland Maine.

Portland Sketch BookEvery year for many years now, I’ve presented a course lecture to the Portland History Docents, a special program that trains volunteers to serve in any of several different historical and cultural organizations in the city. It’s a great program and a privilege to work with them.

The links below, supplied here for members of the 2014 class, are for the text of the lecture and the accompanying slide list. Note that in deference to the organizations that own the artifacts I mention, I have not included images; instead, where available, I have linked to images of the artifacts online. (The image to the left–an engraving of Diamond Cove after Charles Codman, published in the 1836 Portland Sketch Book by Anna Sophia Stephens, is in the public domain.)

The Arts in Nineteenth-century Portland (2014 lecture)

The Arts in Nineteenth-century Portland (2014 slide list)

Please feel free to cite this source: Jessica Skwire Routhier, “The Arts in Nineteenth-century Portland,” Portland History Docents course lecture, Maine Historical Society, February 13, 2014.

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