Joanna Logue: Echoes

Joanna Logue: Echoes

Joanna Logue, Pretty Marsh, acrylic on linen, 2021

King Street Gallery, Sydney, Australia
November 29–December 23, 2022

Exhibition catalogue essay

“In just a few years, Joanna Logue has had to change almost everything about her way of working. She is still and always will be a landscape painter, but where she once painted with oils, she now uses acrylics. She learned her craft in the bright and open landscapes of southeastern Australia, where she is from, but she now spends most of her time in the northeastern most corner of the United States, on Mount Desert Island, Maine, where everything from the vegetation, to the light, to the change of seasons is entirely different. The move to Maine was anticipated and carefully planned, but the switch from oils to acrylics was more abrupt. After developing health issues from the toxic properties of the oil paints, Logue changed materials essentially overnight. The new work gathered here is her first exhibition wholly in this new medium.”


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