Maine Digital Humanities Institute

Bon Mots

I am really excited to participate in this free, web-based course offered by York Community College! It is based on the curriculum developed for an onsite Digital Humanities retreat held last year at CUNY, and is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

I am hoping that my work with this course will help me better understand the needs of potential authors for Panorama, and help to make it a go-to publication for art historians who want to publish the results of their digital humanities–based research.

This space is my experimental place for testing some of my tools and projects for the course.  It will probably all look pretty ugly and not make any sense—so don’t judge me.

Here’s a (very partial) timeline I made with the “Timeline” tool from KnightLabs.  I am working on figure out how to embed it into my WordPress site!

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